Gutter Installation, Armorseal, West Simsbury CT

Gutter Installation

What's Included?
■ Free Estimates
■ Seamless Aluminum Gutters
■ .032 Prime Coil Aluminum
■ Hidden Hangers (Not Unsightly Strap Hangers)
■ Seamless Aluminum Gutter Machine (Factory on Wheels) Cuts Gutter on Job Site
■ Experienced Professionals
■ Wide Color Choices
■ Gutter Screens & Covers Available

Why Armorseal?

  • 40+ Years Experience
  • Licensed (CT License #0666927)
  • Fully Insured (Liability and Worker's Compensation)
  • We conduct Employee Safety Training Programs

Do you need new gutters?
Are you trying to decide who to hire?
We can help.

Although installing gutters may seem like a pretty straightforward procedure, there are lots of differences in gutter installation professionals, installation procedures, companies and gutters themselves. It’s important when comparing prices to know the differences in what you’re comparing.

The most basic of issues with gutters is water direction. This sounds simple but water, when not properly directed can cause extensive damage. When you call Armorseal for an estimate, a trained professional will assist you in determining how best to direct the water from your gutters to avoid future water damage.

Not all gutters are created equal. First of all, our gutters are seamless. This means that there are no places in any length of gutter where two pieces are coming together (gutters with corner miters require seams). What does this mean for you? It means no leaks! We have a gutter machine that manufactures the gutter you need right there on the job site. There are also different thicknesses in the gauge of aluminum used for gutters. We use .032 gutter coil only. Many other companies use .027. This means their gutters are simply not as strong. Our gutter is also prime coil aluminum (this means the aluminum has a low recycled content). Many gutter companies use 100% recycled aluminum, thereby again reducing the quality and strength of the gutter.

As for installation, we hang our gutters with hidden hangers. They are installed every 16-18 inches. Many companies use strap hangers installed every 2 to 3 feet apart. Not only do these hangers look bad, the installed product again lacks the quality you deserve.

For seamless aluminum gutter installation, you must choose a company that is fully insured. Many companies claim they are fully insured and yet, what they carry is actually liability insurance. Liability insurance, in many cases only covers damages caused by a fall from 6 feet or less (it does not cover injury to an individual). The company you hire must also carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. This is a very large expense and the sad fact is, many companies simply cannot afford to carry it. We Do! Don’t take the chance of hiring someone who doesn’t. It is simply not worth the risk. Armorseal is happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Gutters are not an inexpensive investment. With the cost of metals rising, there are many areas that companies can cut quality to reduce their bottom line cost. They then offer the customer a lower price. Armorseal has been in business long enough to know that this is not the way to do business in a tough economy. The bitterness of poor quality truly DOES remain long after the sweetness of the lowest price has disappeared. We are a company that will not compromise the quality you deserve because we know that you will pay for poor quality down the road.

Call or text us today at 860-677-7777. We think when you look at all the information, you’ll find that the Armorseal Division of McCartney Ent., Inc. is an excellent choice for a quality product. Remember, not all gutters are created equal. Choose wisely. Choose the Armorseal Division of McCartney Ent., Inc. 

Gutter Installation, West Simsbury CT

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