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Snow Plowing

All snowplow services are not created equal! In fact, most snow removal services are not companies at all. They are individuals out trying to make some extra money when it snows.

What’s the problem with that? When you hire the Armorseal Division of McCartney Ent., Inc. to plow your driveway you are not hiring one person with one truck. You are hiring a fleet of trucks and a fleet of experienced snow plow drivers.

It is during the worst storms, when you need your snowplowing service to come through for you the most that the Armorseal difference will show. One driver in one truck is simply out of business should his vehicle break down or should he get stuck in the snow. This is not the case with Armorseal.

How We Operate

We don’t plow unless there is a measurable snowfall of 2 and one half inches to 3 inches of snow unless you ask us to. We charge incrementally based on the snowfall amount and unlike other companies that charge every time they plow your driveway, we provide around the clock service and continually plow your driveway through the duration of many of the larger storms. We do this so that we don’t end up with an extremely large amount of snow to move at one time. We then charge based on the snowfall amount. This is a significant savings to our customers if you look carefully at our contract vs. other snow plow companies. This is also the excellent service that you deserve!

If you live in the Avon, Simsbury or Canton area, call or text us at 860-677-7777 or 860-651-9191. Look carefully and compare with other contracts you may have or may have been using. We think you’ll find that the fully insured trucks and drivers at the Armorseal Division of McCartney Ent., Inc. are a wise choice for your winter snow plowing needs.

Armorseal is happy to take on additional customers on as needed basis after our regular customers are taken care of. Should you be interested in a price for plowing on a particular storm, don't hesitate to call us! 

Snow Plowing, Farmington Valley CT

When snow accumulates on roof tops and weather conditions are just right, a condition referred to as ice damming can occur. This frequently results in water leaking into a home (often following wires for electrical outlets and light fixtures and leaking through ceilings). This condition is inconvenient at best and downright frightening and dangerous at worst.

As the snow on roof tops melts and meets the overhang of the roof that is not heated by the house below, a wall of ice can begin to develop and grow. As the ice wall gets bigger, water will take the path of least resistance which is up and under roof shingles, thereby resulting in leaking in your home.

Armorseal can help remove your ice dam and stop the leaking should you be experiencing this problem.

Don't hesitate to contact us should you be experiencing this problem at 860-677-7777 or 860-651-9191

Ice Dam Removal
Roof Snow Removal

We recommend purchasing a snow rake if you have had this problem in the past and removing snow from your roof whenever possible. This will at least minimize and hopefully eliminate your problem with ice dams.

Don't hesitate to call or text us at 860-677-7777 should you be experiencing this problem.

Roof Snow Removal

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Armoseal provides its services to the following towns in Connecticut (CT):
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